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    No Reward?? Ignored?? Post Here what you feel!!


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    No Reward?? Ignored?? Post Here what you feel!!

    Post by vashty2012 on Sun Feb 24, 2013 10:30 am

    I Feel that how they give the rewards are unfair!! Admin should consider those new players and give them reward to make them motivate to play.. I dont speak for my self,i speak for all the players here in my internet cafe. They are really very excited for the upcoming open beta but get frostrate because they found out they havent given reward.. I cant remember when did i download the client.. i just pick cabal seal for them cause i saw that it is new and good for new start palying cabal.. Some of players here reach 150+ with quest and they really give effort and money for it.. Pls admin consider my post and give them some reward.. Dont worry i will help for the improvement of the community.. i have 25 units here.. Ill encourage all my online gamers here to play at your server. Thnx in advance

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