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    Lag Bug's.


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    Lag Bug's. Empty Lag Bug's.

    Post by Madman47 on Tue Apr 09, 2013 1:05 am

    Okay, i dont know about anyone else. But im tired of the delay lag's during Combo, before combo, or without using combo. Lags i get are as follow's.

    Combo Lag - Combo Doesnt start like it should and character gets stuck in combo mode without combo showing you are in combo mode, Must use another skill to break combo mode like ( roll )

    Delay Combo Lag - Combo Decides to quit on me during use, Character stops fighting for 5 Seconds.

    Combo lag Breaks - This happends only when i use skills like ( force Stab ) Or ( force Kick ).
    Im sure this happends when force sheilders try to use ( Charge )?

    Delayed Item Pick up - Im getting so tired of having to wait for ever to pick up my Alz, or Items just because the item pick up is laggy.

    Delayed Selling to NPC or Cash Shop - Takes for ever to sell items holding CTRL + Left Click Because selling is laggy.

    Skill lags - Character decides to stop using skills, and when u try to use a skill it takes 3 seconds to register that you used a certain skill, but then the character doesnt move anywhere when targeted on a monster, and no damage is delt because of lag. ( must relog ) for this lag to correct itself.

    Teleport lag / Disconnection issue - I've been Dc'd a couple times just trying to go to Mutant Forest, and green Despair.

    Last thing, but this isnt a lag but a sugestion.
    I would love to have 3 things in this server that the real NA cabal has.
    1: When u are questing, and u kill a beast for a quest item.. U pick up the quest item first.
    2: When u kill a monster from a distance the items come to you, Just like when u break a chest from a far.
    3: Why are all the maps Portaguise? When the whole server speaks English very well. Can we have the english names back for the maps?

    Once i see these things fixed, and put in i'll be way more happier with the server and will continue to vote more often, even consider Donation upto $30 USD.

    Im not complaining im asking.

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    Lag Bug's. Empty ...

    Post by [GA]Grimm on Tue Apr 09, 2013 12:56 pm

    hmm.. about lagg i disagree, because even from far away from server i have no lags, because i have good ethernet conection, optical 200 Mbps, and i have maybe little lag at aos1 and ft2, anyway its not so bad. i would agree with nr2. it would be nice, sinc i am fa and killing from distance is what i do:D about map names?? i dont think its so important, i really dont care about what language are map names:)

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    Lag Bug's. Empty Re: Lag Bug's.

    Post by xDren0r on Wed Apr 10, 2013 3:14 am

    1. It's not possible in EP8.
    2. This is only available in dungeons. Razz
    3. That's the only client with X-trap that could be moded to private EP8 server clients.

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    Lag Bug's. Empty Re: Lag Bug's.

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