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    [Game Update - 2nd April]


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    [Game Update - 2nd April]

    Post by lionheart on Tue Apr 02, 2013 10:37 am

    1)Added Shadow Titanium High-EPIC Weapon/Armor to be sell @DP
    2)Added Mercenary to be sell @DP
    3)Added Core Superior to be exchanged by @Wexp
    4)Added New Pet - Cutie Tai & Cutie Lai
    5)Added New Weapon Custume - Water Elemental
    6)Added X-Gen card
    7)Added PlayTime exchange system in Website
    8)Slightly increase of Upgrade Success Rate
    9)Revise of BM3 Skill Book Price
    10)Cash shop no longer selling Perfect Core, it is now replace by safeguard

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